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Led Zeppelin - Alternative Graffitti (2-CD) ak320
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Led Zeppelin - Alternative Graffitti (2-CD) ak320

Led Zeppelins expanded reissue of "Physical Graffiti" features previously unissued alternate tracks and outtakes —Page explained his pre-production creative process for working on tracks for what became Led Zeppelins  double studio album. "I had the luxury of having a home studio, a multi-track studio at home," he said. "And we had a little bit of time off; so we weren't doing concerts, concerts, concerts — a bit of time off, so I was able to get in there and just really enjoy myself. Trying textures and overlays and various ideas. And one of the things that I had pre-getting to gather (with the band) at Headley (Grange) was the whole structure of 'Ten Years Years Gone' with all the… 'cause I wanted to get all the orchestrated guitar parts together, so that I didn't waste time when I was there. 'Cause I could hear 'em in my head and I just wanted to sort of lay 'em down so it would be much easier to sort of present it to the rest of the band as a piece 'cause it was gonna be quite long."
Thanks Jimmy for the look inside. 

Now to Alternative Graffitti...With all of his alternate versions not just the ones released


01 Custard Pie (Alternate Version).mp3
02 Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix).mp3
03 Kashmir (Instrumental Version).mp3
04 In The Light (Alternate Version).mp3
05 Swan Song (Instrumental Version One).mp3
06 Swan Song (Instrumental Version Two).mp3
07 Boogie With Stu (Alternate Mix).mp3
08 Night Flight (Mix Down Session).mp3
09 Trampled Underfoot (Alternate Mix).mp3
10 Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix Long Version).mp3
11 Wanton Song (Alternate Mix).mp3
12 Wanton Song (Chicago FM Radio Mix).mp3

Disk 2

01 Wanton Song (Takes 1-2).mp3
02 Take Me Home (Takes 1-2).mp3
03 In The Morning (aka In The Light Take 1).mp3
04 Trampled Underfoot (Takes 1-6).mp3
05 In The Morning (aka In The Light Take 2).mp3
06 Sick Again.mp3
07 The Rover (acoustic & vocal).mp3
08 Jam.mp3
09 In My Time Of Dying.mp3


Jimmy Page 

Robert Plant

John Paul Jones 

and  John Bonham


Respect & thanks!
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